Land Navigation Red Rock Search and Rescue

Land Navigation Red Rock Search and Rescue By Tom Clarke Dates: September 13-14 2012 Of interest to contractors and SAR type personnel during Ground to Air communications, geographic units of measure, GPS setup, and reporting accuracy is presented for both Military Grid and UTM. Basic instruction will get you on the path to using a […]

UFC PrimeTime Dos Santos vs Mir Episode 1

UFC PrimeTime Dos Santos vs Mir Episode 1 Two Time Heavy Weight Champion Frank Mir out on the range with Tom Clarke for the filming of the UFC Prime Time Show. By Tom Clarke

Tommy Knife Lil T’s Reserve today

Tommy Knife Lil T’s Reserve your low serial number today Order your low serial numbered blade today, first run product completed. By Tom Clarke Order Here About the Tommy Knife -Lil T:  Designed to be carried and used in pairs they are offered in both a right and left chisel grind.  The grooves on the side […]

Tom Clarke Tactical Knives made out of 3V Steel

Tom Clarke and Duane Dwyer spent countless hours,  arriving at the material chosen for the tactical application of a knife. As with Duane’s metallurgy expertise, he suggested to use the 3V steel for the working blades. Some of the typical applications of 3V are; Punches, Dies, Shear Blades and Chopper Rolls.  If the steel is […]

Tom Clarke – What is a Lensatic Compass?

What is a Lensatic Compass The basic lensatic compass is one of the many kinds of compasses. Quick and easy to learn. Great for preparedness and survival, tracking, hunting etc. The circumference of the compass face is divided into 6400 units. One unit is actually 1 meter of separation at a distance of 1,000 meters. […]