Rob Pettorson USMC Scout Sniper Venom Tactical Cottonmouth

It was springtime in the Arizona desert just North of Phoenix when I met the deadliest Cottonmouth a man had ever laid his eyes upon. I came upon the masterfully camouflaged serpent basking in the stifling sun. Forty-two inches in length with a striking distance of well beyond 1200 YDs. The snake I speak of is not the creature you worry of in the swamp; it is one bad piece of iron from Venom Tactical.

I had the pleasure of teaching Lenny Bolton owner of Venom Tactical. Lenny attended the sniper course with Mark Flinn a long time friend of his. Who had the exact same Cottonmouth rifle as Lenny did as they were both built identical and at the same time. The only difference between the two shooter’s equipment was their bullet weight. Lenny shooting HSM 175gr .308 and Mark utilizing Fed 168gr .308. The interesting fact was even though the shooters were using completely different brands and grains of ammunition both of them held the same exact DOPE out to 1375yds. Now the DOPE they had dialed at 1200yds without the use of a holdover was 60 MOA with a 20 inch barrel, typically with a REM 700 with a 24inch barrel the DOPE averages 75 MOA, if you have that on the top end to dial. So the ability to shoot that far without a use of a holdover and keep the center cross hair on target is an additional asset the Cottonmouth brings to the table. A technical facet to the Cottonmouth is the proprietary procedure in which the barrel and action are threaded and torqued to make cold bore shots a thing of the past.

Having personally seen and performed these actions with the Cottonmouth makes me a true believer that there are still some rifle builders out there who continue to focus on attention to detail, and quality craftsmanship.

Rob Pettorson Scout/Sniper USMC


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