2017 ATAC Range Day®

The 2017 ATAC Range Day®, will be showcasing the latest products and services for military, contracting and Law enforcement units, this global event, dedicated to veterans, is a place where manufacturers, retailers and distributors can interact and get direct feedback from end users. Over 40 countries represented, over 1 million rounds of ammo shot, going […]

2016 ATAC Global Range Day®

Monday 18 January 2016  The 6th annual ATAC Range Day® 2016 provides a firearm range environment for manufacturers, distributors, retailers and others to demonstrate and converse (face time) with end users. Showcasing products and services for unit, department or company purchasing. Also a great time the gathering information/feedback from the end users to assist in product […]

ATAC Global-Tom Clarke Donate UAV to Red Rock Search-Rescue

Red Rock Search & Rescue receives UAV donation worth $8,500 from ATAC Global to be used to conduct emergency Search and Rescue operations across Southern Nevada. Red Rock Search and Rescue received an early Christmas present from their Las Vegas community partners, ATAC Global.  Surprising Red Rock SAR, ATAC Global produced and donated a fully […]

ATAC Maritime UAV-Drone

ATAC Maritime UAV-Drone used in Counter-Piracy missions. Watch video here: http://atacglobal.com/anti-piracy-cargo-uav-video/

Training Boots – How to choose the correct boot

How to choose the correct Training Boots? By Tom Clarke Choosing the correct boot for training will play a vital role on how your weight is dispersed, how you can bear weight, walk on rugged terrain and so on. If you do not choose the right footwear you will damage your foot. Common ailments from […]