2017 ATAC Range Day®

The 2017 ATAC Range Day®, will be showcasing the latest products and services for military, contracting and Law enforcement units, this global event, dedicated to veterans, is a place where manufacturers, retailers and distributors can interact and get direct feedback from end users. Over 40 countries represented, over 1 million rounds of ammo shot, going […]

Andrew Bottrell-EOD Warrior Foundation

In 2011 Andrew Bottrell worked as a U.S. Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician with Seal Team 10 in Zabul province Afghanistan. EOD 1 Bottrell sustained injuries to three limbs entailing the loss of his right leg below the knee, left leg above the knee, and left arm through the elbow. After more than 9 years […]

ATAC Range Day® 2016

The ATAC Range Day® will be on 18 January 2016 to Nellis Air Force Base. The ATAC Range Day® 2016 will be back again for manufacturers, distributors, retailers and others to demonstrated and converse (face time) with end users. Showcasing products and services for unit, department or company purchasing. Also a great time the gathering […]

ATAC Range Day 2012

ATAC Range Day 2012 Contractor, Military, Law Enforcement Sponsored by Larue Tactical TIME: 1000hours – 1600hrs PST EVENT DESCRIPTION: ATAC Range Day 2012 is RESTRICTED event to Military/Law Enforcement/Private, and trade representatives showcasing their tactical products and services ONLY. Admission to the event requires documentation of a purchased ticket.