Fox News ATAC Range® Day

Allison Barrie joins us at The 2017 ATAC Global Range Day®. takes you inside the insider’s range day where some of the world’s top shooters converge at ATAC Global Range Day® to test weapons and tech that will be released to combat the global war on terrorism. Click on the Fox Firepower below to watch […]

Tom Clarke – Mercenary – Private Military Companies

Mercenary / Private Military Companies (PMCs) The term mercenary is applied to a variety of historical situations which do not appear to have elements in common. Casca, the eternal mercenary, pulled the duty of nailing Christ to the Cross and was doomed to spend eternity as a soldier, a career that can lead to billets […]

Tom Clarke ATAC Global – Las Vegas Police – CSI

What a great time we had working with Las Vegas Metropolitan Police and CSI (Crime Scene Analysts) in Com Bloc Weapons. Our door at ATAC Global (Advanced Tactics & Countermeasures) is always open to all branches of Law Enforcement and Military in any way we can assist.  A great group of guys and gals. Special […]

Tom Clarke – Frank Mir

Tom Clarke and Frank Mir are not only friends, but they also train together privately in a variety of areas. Tom trusts Frank whether he’s shooting down range or hanging off the edge of a cliff rappelling.He also appreciates the intelligence and quick learning skills that Frank holds. When Frank is training with Tom he […]

Tom Clarke ATAC TV: Reliability does not only pertain to your gear, but you as well.

Reliable Equipment, it’s you and your gear. By Tom Clarke If you do not have the physical conditioning and mind in good working order and you think you can get a skill set with the latest and best weapons, optics, and gear then you will fail in every confrontation off the range.  Keep it simple […]