Armimilitari – ATAC Range Day® 2016

nche se con qualche cambiamento e dopo qualche incertezza iniziale dovuta questioni organizzative l’ATAC Day è prorpio il caso di dire che torna in campo e lo fa in una nuova location:  lo Small Arms Range della base di Nellis, a nord di  Las Vegas. in attesa che vengano rilasciati maggiori dettagli e la mappa […]

ATAC Range Day® 2016

The ATAC Range Day® will be on 18 January 2016 to Nellis Air Force Base. The ATAC Range Day® 2016 will be back again for manufacturers, distributors, retailers and others to demonstrated and converse (face time) with end users. Showcasing products and services for unit, department or company purchasing. Also a great time the gathering […]

Venom Tactical Taipan Showcased in Gun Digest

The Venom Tactical Taipan is designed for extreme long-range operations; with the .338 Lapua round delivering deadly performance out past 1800 yards. The Taipan utilizes a Remington long-action receiver blueprinted to Venom Tactical’s exacting tolerances. Lock-up is tight and secure for premium performance. Like all Venom Tactical rifles the Taipan’s bolt is Venom’s elliptical design; […]

Tom Clarke Venom Tactical Anaconda Sniper Rifle

The Venom Anaconda Custom Precision Rifle is rapidly gaining popularity. The Anaconda is built off a completely blueprinted and trued Remington 700 Receiver.  Anaconda uses a Manners Composite T-5A Stock. The stock is a thumb hole style stock and is textured in the fore end area. The Anaconda utilizes the Venom Tactical 4340 chrome moly […]

Rob Pettorson USMC Scout Sniper Venom Tactical Cottonmouth

It was springtime in the Arizona desert just North of Phoenix when I met the deadliest Cottonmouth a man had ever laid his eyes upon. I came upon the masterfully camouflaged serpent basking in the stifling sun. Forty-two inches in length with a striking distance of well beyond 1200 YDs. The snake I speak of […]