Tom Clarke ATAC TV: Reliability does not only pertain to your gear, but you as well.

Reliable Equipment, it’s you and your gear.

By Tom Clarke

If you do not have the physical conditioning and mind in good working order and you think you can get a skill set with the latest and best weapons, optics, and gear then you will fail in every confrontation off the range.  Keep it simple and maintain the simple things.  You need reliability and you must have trust in your gear.

You also need to maintain and field test all old and new gear regularly. If you purchase new magazines, function test them-do not assume that they work because they look good or because they are new.  Use them and know that they work.

The better shape you are in the better and harder you can train.  If you are overweight and do not have cardio endurance, how can you train at a high level.  When you heart rate is up you will have trouble holding that front sight on target.  So loose the weight, get in shape and be able to train harder and at a higher level.  Repair your body’s injuries to the best possible whether surgically or with rehabilitation.  You must have complete confidence in all of your equipment including your gear, your body, and your mind.

Tom Clarke ATAC