Tom Clarke Custom Knife line by Duane Dwyer

Tom Clarke Custom Knife Line made by Duane Dwyer CustomsThe knives are designed in both sculpted and flat versions.The sculpted knife consists of grooves on the side of the blade and a serrated edge.

The grooves on the side of the blade are not intended for looks, but instead they serve four purposes. The deviated, surface allows the collection of rust, bacteria and even venom that are often found in harsh environments. When tissue comes into contact with these pathogens or toxins, bacterial infections and other lethal diseases will complicate even the simplest of wounds.  Additionally, the interrupted designed surface allows the cutting edge to function with both pushing and pulling motions increasing efficiency. This would be the opposite of a hacksaw that only cuts on the pulling motion and not the push.  The serrated edge also allows cutting in both wet and dry situations. Try cutting wet rope with a non-serrated blade; it is not easily done.  The final purpose of the sculpted grooves is that it reduces surface friction as it passes through the material by 35+ percent. Thus less energy is required to produce the same damage. For those intimidated by the design of this blade and concerned with the difficulty of sharpening, fear not; by positioning the sharpening rod along the groove these blades can achieve their optimum cutting edge with ease.

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Tom Clarke