Tom Clarke – Frank Mir

Tom Clarke and Frank Mir are not only friends, but they also train together privately in a variety of areas. Tom trusts Frank whether he’s shooting down range or hanging off the edge of a cliff rappelling.He also appreciates the intelligence and quick learning skills that Frank holds. When Frank is training with Tom he is expected to do it all: firearms, rappelling, edged weapons, driving, diving and all the other numerous skills required of an elite operative. And he follows all of the universal safety rules like the rest of the team so that they all train in a safe atmosphere regardless of the activity involved. To efficiently and effectively complete his skills it takes a great deal of composure, much more than what is required inside the octagon.

When Tom was questioned about the possibility of a Brock Lesnar match and the upcoming UFC 111, Frank Mir vs. Shane Carwin, Tom had some strong statements. “Yes, Frank is looking forward to fighting Brock Lesnar again.Is he a better fighter? Yes, Frank has much more cage experience than Brock and he is at a different skill level then Brock. Brock handles his fights by his size, he is a big guy. Frank wants to show his superior skills in MMA inside a cage fighting. Frank is still growing, strong and flexible. Words will be exchanged, that is the fight game.  The media builds up hype, then the viewers on the web expand this same hype. Tickets are sold and at the end of the day, it is only a fight.  Then the media goes to the next top story.  This is not about who wins in a street fight with no rules.  The UFC is a promoter of the sport of MMA.  The UFC is the top name in the business. Frank and Brock are both tough guys.  People should respect anyone who goes into the cage to earn a living for their entertainment.

Frank loves training in firearms and other tactics, recently out training with the M60 and MP5’s, but has spent a lot of time on many other firearm platforms. Back that up with a lifetime of martial arts you got Frank Mir. Frank is focused on the Carwin fight at this time.Brock is next.Frank is not going to look beyond Carwin. He will deal with them one at a time.

NY Daily Times, George Rush