Rob Pettorson USMC Scout Sniper Venom Tactical Cottonmouth

It was springtime in the Arizona desert just North of Phoenix when I met the deadliest Cottonmouth a man had ever laid his eyes upon. I came upon the masterfully camouflaged serpent basking in the stifling sun. Forty-two inches in length with a striking distance of well beyond 1200 YDs. The snake I speak of […]

Tommy Knife Titanium Blades

Tommy Knife In production and pre-order in Mid-April 2012.  The Tommy Knife Titanium blades are drastically lighter and are not susceptible to corrosion.  Because there is no danger of rust it is not necessary to coat these blades.  There optimal use would be for diving or for those who require or desire a lighter knife […]

Shadow Warriors Project – Benghazi

Shadow Warriors Project – Benghazi Tom Clarke and Mark Geist set up and the start of the Shadow Warriors Foundation, out of Las Vegas Nevada.  A great cause to assisting those in need that are on Non-Military security contracts oversees. Not having the ability to out reach programs under the military. The goal of the […]

Tom Clarke Custom Knife line by Duane Dwyer

Tom Clarke Custom Knife Line made by Duane Dwyer CustomsThe knives are designed in both sculpted and flat versions.The sculpted knife consists of grooves on the side of the blade and a serrated edge. The grooves on the side of the blade are not intended for looks, but instead they serve four purposes. The deviated, […]

Tommy Knife Line Sold Out

Sorry, The Tommy Knife Line sold out but will have more in stock soon. Also the Tommy Knife line will launch the Titanium Version. Check out the below Pictures. Tom Clarke –