Tommy Knife and Duane Dwyer

Tom Clarke’s “Lil T” – “TC” past experience as one of the original SIG team members, the team’s survival depended on edged weaponry. The SAYOC private unit, which worked directly with Grand Tuhon Chris Sayoc, lived and survived by their edged weapons. Many years ago, when Tom needed a knife for specific tasks, which could […]

Tom Clarke ATAC Larue Tactical Range Day 2012

The 2012 ATAC Range Day is sponsored by LaRue Tactical. This is a private and restricted event for companies to showcase and have people within the trade test fire their firearms and also other related products.  Meet and spend personal time with the representatives for many companies.  Attendees from many different countries spending time at […]

Tom Clarke – How does the GPS work?

How does the GPS work? Three major parts make up the GPS. 1. Pseudorandom code: Identifies which satellite is transmitting information to the receiving GPS unit. 2. Ephemeris data: Each satellite transmits ephemeris data. Identifying where the individual GPS is at anytime. Also showing the orbital information for that satellite and other satellites. 3. Almanac […]

Tom Clarke – Mercenaries Training US local police

Jim Kouri, Law Enforcement Examiner There are many police and law enforcement officials who are concerned with the growing trend of using military-experienced mercenaries to train and work with local police officers in the United States, but there are many who believe the events of September 11, 2001 dictate the need for this new paradigm. […]

Tom Clarke – Mercenary – Private Military Companies

Mercenary / Private Military Companies (PMCs) The term mercenary is applied to a variety of historical situations which do not appear to have elements in common. Casca, the eternal mercenary, pulled the duty of nailing Christ to the Cross and was doomed to spend eternity as a soldier, a career that can lead to billets […]