Tom Clarke Binoculars Basic Understanding

Highly recommending that you find a binocular that fits your needs and keep them handy. You never know when you might have the need to look beyond what your normal vision provides for you. Let’s look at some of the specifications you should understand before making the decision to purchase binoculars. Magnification is only one […]

Tom Clarke – Sayoc Kali Knife Training

I have had many request for Knife Training so I thought I would just post this.  I do not teach commercial any knife course.  Sorry!  You would be the in the best of hands with any of the Sayoc Instructors. Please contact Ask for Tuhon Chris, Tom Kier, Felix Cortez, Raphael Kayanan.  There are […]

US NAVY Veteran Chris Baker Launches Hawaii CCW

Chris Baker is the founder of Hawaii  He is an eight-year Navy Submarine veteran, he has conducted numerous operations in support of Operation Enduring freedom and Iraqi freedom, defending the U.S. constitution at home and abroad. 26 Years Old, 8 year Navy Veteran still on active duty. Two Western Pacific Deployments, Two Eastern Pacific […]

Tom Clarke ATAC Global – Las Vegas Police – CSI

What a great time we had working with Las Vegas Metropolitan Police and CSI (Crime Scene Analysts) in Com Bloc Weapons. Our door at ATAC Global (Advanced Tactics & Countermeasures) is always open to all branches of Law Enforcement and Military in any way we can assist.  A great group of guys and gals. Special […]

Martin Kampmann

Great Job Martin, dominating all three rounds.  Thiago is a tough dude, to handle him three rounds with a unanimous decision is a compliment to your ever growing skills. Keep on going! T