Tom Clarke Venom Tactical Cottonmouth Review

Tom Clarke Venom Tactical Cottonmouth






Firearms built to be used, as “Sniper Rifles” require much research and product testing to be considered for any important mission. The Venom Tactical custom Cottonmouth has earned its reputation as reliable, robust and extremely accurate precision sniper rifle worthy of consideration by any shooter that delivers lead at long distance.  With designs and forethought, Lenny Bolton is building sniper rifles that exceed accuracy and handling expectations of the most experienced snipers.  This is a “custom” rifle.





The rifle tested is chambered in .308 with the recommendation from Venom that only Federal Gold Match 168/175gr ammunition be used exclusively. The chamber reamer is a custom made design for this factory ammunition. Once a stock Remington receiver is mounted in a custom jig, truing, threading and cuts in the lathe are made without disturbing the initial alignment. This insures the bolt; firing pin, receiver and barrel are in perfect alignment.  The end result of the machining process constitutes the major difference between Venom’s rifle building process and what other manufacturers normally do by simply facing the receiver and bolt lugs to improve alignment. The design and meticulous machining skills by Lenny are far superior to what other rifle builders consider being “good enough”.  Spend some time researching on the Venom Tactical website exploring the specific techniques involved in the production of these fantastic shooting rifles.  It all comes down to repeatability from shot to shot and this rifle has shot ¼ inch groups or less.

There are many innovative designs included in the production of the Venom/Lenny Bolton rifles that exists only in his custom firearms. It all starts out with the line-bored Remington receiver and custom elliptical bolt that locks up in the front /back of the receiver for perfect alignment with the barrel. Custom built firing pin also in alignment with the bore line and receiver.  Barrel facing and the bolt lugs are machined in perfect alignment and perpendicular to the bolt centerline.  Lenny uses a Brux Stainless barrel with a custom twist rate and taper.  More notable parts in every rifle build are Badger Ordinance bottom metal M5 trigger guard. Read Complete Article Here:  ATAC TV Firearms Channel

At the range, the first 5 cartridges fired from this Cottonmouth grouped inside .30 thousandth of an inch. This was a great start, but it was consistent through the entire day of shooting.  Later in the afternoon, the wind picked up and the worst group of the day turned into a 5 shot string that measured at just under 1/2 of an inch.  Great shooting firearm and defiantly a cut above the rest, when it comes to sniper rifles.  Doped the rifle out to 1200 yards with first and second round center hits in the wind.  Venom Tactical has earned and deserved to be the dedicated sniper rifle for ATAC Staff.

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Tom Clarke Venom Tactical Cottonmouth Review