Tom Clarke

Tom Clarke is a successful entrepreneur who fuses his decades of both international and domestic corporate success with an elite tactical mindset. Excelling in areas of team leadership, he is extremely proficient at seeking out the qualified and properly placing those with certain skill sets to organize international corporations in structuring and executing rapid resolutions to enhance their objectives.

Tom designed and conducted sleep deprivation protocol for rapid advancement of learning methods for time‑sensitive training demands and developed sleep deprivation courses for accelerated learning and vulnerabilities encountered during breaking points of captivity.

He developed and instructed unconventional warfare resolutions for the most elite units, agencies and private contractors. Tom travels the globe for increased security standards of private maritime counter-piracy; land based high risk and emerging markets standards.

Ongoing,  Additionally he works with non-profit charities that he personally endorses and other projects which he is constantly expanding.

Tom Clarke ® is a Register Trademark with the USPTO and may only be used with permission.