Tommy Knife and Duane Dwyer

Tom Clarke’s “Lil T” – “TC” past experience as one of the original SIG team members, the team’s survival depended on edged weaponry. The SAYOC private unit, which worked directly with Grand Tuhon Chris Sayoc, lived and survived by their edged weapons. Many years ago, when Tom needed a knife for specific tasks, which could withstand all environmental demands, he started to design his own knives into the perfect weapon.


These knives, constructed of the highest quality material, are designed with the perfect form and weight that will never fail. Equipped with ruggedness, sleek without snagging points, the blade can be used for real world applications.

Tom researched whom he best thought would another great collaboration to the Tommy Knife custom line. The choice this time took him back to the late nineties, Strider Knives. Duane Dwyer’s (Strider Knife, President) countless years in metallurgy and his history with being the co-founder of Strider Knives made the collaboration his final choice. The Rig consists of multiple unique combat-concealable designed blades. These knives are constructed for optimum toughness; wear resistance and corrosion resistance for the toughest jobs. Providing the user with a tool that will maintain the sharpest edge under the harshest conditions.

Tom & Duane spent countless time discussing what would be the most suitable steel choice, thickness & materials. Tom left that to Duane’s expertise. Duane puts the science behind the metallurgy and Tom puts his thoughts and application in the design. Together they have the ultimate blade rig, the first full blade rig designed for tactical purpose. You can just use one, or the complete rig. Now, the same reliable knife rig that was solely designed for the silent tactical application is available for purchase.

Available in CPM 3V & Titanium with G10 handles which have a caveman – sculpted grip on

Special Note: Tom does not teach to the public, however he refers everyone over to Ask for ANY of the Tuhon’s and they will take care of you.